Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great start of 2010

My year started with victories!

I won in a little Christmas/New Year card competition with my cocker painting and I will get a very nice and beautiful price – Christmas tree decoration with original painting on it :) I’ll take a photo and show you when I get it :)

Yesterday was amazing day! At the national dog show in Tartu my dog - Bonny was the Best of Breed and second in the Group competition! One more trophy will stand on my bookshelf :) I know, this news isn’t about art, but I’m so happy and proud of my dog and our teamwork with her! I can’t just find words to describe you how good she is in the rings, she has a real winners temperament! She is my little treasure and muse :)

At the moment I don’t have any good photos from the show, but if I’ll find something from other people I’ll post it here. But I have one funny picture from yesterday…Me and Bonny slept before the ring in yoga pose and our friend took a picture of us ^__^

So, I am very happy with the beginning of this year, I think it will be a great year! I have many ideas, plans and things to do… I will work hard and achieve my goals :)
Yes, I am very optimistic ^__^

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