Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Body art

I’m always open for something new and interesting, so this time I tried myself in body art. I spent this weekend (25-26 September) on Motoshow and HTG Custom Show 2010 – the biggest auto show in Estonia, doing body and face paintings. It was great experience for me!

I was painting mainly on children, so I had to paint very quickly, cause they can’t sit still for long time… It was quite intense work, but fun :))
When it was possible, I let children choose the colors and details for their paintings, so they were able to participate in creating process.

It was so nice to see, that all these little paintings I did, made people little bit happier :))

Last photo - peacock feather painting on my hand :)


What else am I doing?
I'm working on my projects, new paintings and couple comissions, also have an interesting ideas in my head for the future.
One of the projects is a calendar for the next year, there will be very positive and cute illustrations... hopefully :) 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Save a Whale. Eat a Mermaid"

This painting is for the challenge on Sketchoholic.com. Goal was to make an illustration for the following: 'Save a Whale. Eat a Mermaid'. I finished this in time, yahooo... :)
Tomorrow evening I'll update this post and write here about the voting results.

Update: So, voting is finished and here are the results: I got thrid place.
I want to thank people who gave me their votes! Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm sketching every day, so on my table and book shelves... hmm... everywhere around me are piles of paper with sketches and drawings. I desided to show you some of them.

The first sketch is for the challenge on Sketchoholic.com - illustrate the following 'Save a Whale. Eat a Mermaid'. I think it's cool challenge and it's fun to do it... hope I'll find enough time to finish illustration in time.
Here is another mermaid sketch. I can't say that I'm a big fan of mermaids, but I like to draw them.
Next is life drawing. I look on somebody short time and then try to sketch him. This is not easy for me... people move all the time, goes away and so on... at the begining I thought that this is impossible mission, but whit the practice sketches become better and I really hope to improve this skill much more.
Bellow - random sketches.
The first one was made while listening Coldplay - "Fix You"