Monday, March 28, 2011


I want to make this painting traditionally with acrylics on cardboard or canvas, so this digital painting meant to be just a sketch (color test), but I like how it looks and I thought to share it with you.

May be you noticed the difference in style between this and my previous works… well it’s the graffiti influence. I become very excited about street art and I would be happy to go out and try to give color to some gray ugly walls, but unfortunately I’m not able to do this right now… sooo walls are in safe for the moment and can relax, but I’ll return to this thought later ^^

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Now when my short animation is done I found time to finish this painting :)
Medium: watercolor

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Spring" - my first animated short film

My first animated short film is done! Ehey!!!
It is very short and pretty simple, but I hope you’ll enjoy it ^^
It’s called “Spring”.

With this short I’m participating in a little competition and I will be very thankful if you will support me and give me your votes (click “Like” button at the bottom of this page --> LINK). Thank you!!! ^^

I’ve asked before will I succeed or fail… well, let’s see:
-I’ve had no experience and no knowledge about animating in Adobe flash, but with this work I’ve learned a lot of new things and developed new skills.
-I’ve had time to finish my short until 20 march (I’ve started in the beginning of march) and I finished it week earlier.
-I did all work by myself.
So for me it’s definitely SUCCESS!
I thought before that it is an impossible mission for me…but I did it and I’m very happy :)
Also I’ve had so much fun working on this short!

For the end I want to say thank you to Youtube and all the awesome guys who share their knowledge with others and of cause to Adobe for their flash professional help guide and adobeTV!
Big thank you for the music to Grizzly616!

I wish to everybody happy springtime!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Success or fail?

I've started a new crazy and mega fun project. It's something I've never done before and I have less than a month to finish it (for today it's left 18 days).
I'm very exited, cause if everything goes well you'll see something very interesting from me... yeah, there is a possibility of fail, but who cares ^^ Like Bobby Chiu said "true failure comes from not trying". So I'm going to do my best and we will see what will happen.

Oh, you whant to know what I'm doing? Ok, I'll tell you... *whisper* I'm doing a flash animated short film ^^
It will be very short and simple, but hopefully cute and funny.

I've never worked in flash before, but with the last two or three days I learned how to use it (understand the basics ^^)... I have a story, some kind of storyboard, background, two characters with details... so I hope I can start to animate them tomorow.
Oh, so much thing to do! I feel like I have to remove sleeping time from my schedule ^^
So, what it would be? Success or fail?
We will see it at the end of the month!