Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Body art

I’m always open for something new and interesting, so this time I tried myself in body art. I spent this weekend (25-26 September) on Motoshow and HTG Custom Show 2010 – the biggest auto show in Estonia, doing body and face paintings. It was great experience for me!

I was painting mainly on children, so I had to paint very quickly, cause they can’t sit still for long time… It was quite intense work, but fun :))
When it was possible, I let children choose the colors and details for their paintings, so they were able to participate in creating process.

It was so nice to see, that all these little paintings I did, made people little bit happier :))

Last photo - peacock feather painting on my hand :)


What else am I doing?
I'm working on my projects, new paintings and couple comissions, also have an interesting ideas in my head for the future.
One of the projects is a calendar for the next year, there will be very positive and cute illustrations... hopefully :) 

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