Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Plant Me"

"Plant me.“ My new collection of greeting cards!

Each cards has different flowers in handmade decorative pots, and a little package of seeds inside. At the moment there are three different plants: decorative pumpkin, cosmos and nasturtium, but in the future I will make more.

It is a very cute and memorable gift for your friends, loved ones, any nice people you want to thank, or even for a young gardener who is curious about growing their own flowers from seeds.

These cards will keep your kind and warm words for a long time, and will make beautiful memories for both of you. And they are a nice decoration on the shelf too. The little surprise that grows, blooms, and gives fruits will make this gift even better as time goes on.

Another surprise is hiding in the seeds. In order to find out the exact color of the flowers, or the exact shape of the fruits, you have to plant the seeds and wait until your plant will tell you the secret.

These three plants are easy to grow. Even beginners and the youngest gardening friends will be able to successfully grow them, and see the result of their work in the first year.

More pictures  and short descriptions of each cards and plants will come soon!

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