Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Night’s Melody" painting and a poem

Night’s Melody
-Christopher Gonzales. April 25, 2013
Into the azure night they dance and sing
Sweet melodies the moon and stars compose.
And all the hills and hollows are a’ring
With wonders seldom seen and little known. 

What silent eyes smile there behind the trees
And shine with golden glowing light upon
A land where fairies fate our purest dreams
And magic has its lease until the dawn.

A brave and merry squirrel leads the way
Through shadows flickering upon the trail.
Night’s Melody a cheerful elf does play
Until sleep’s weary mask the notes unveil.
And far above the forest’s swaying boughs
A lonely deer is startled from its drowse.

This wonderfull poem were writen by my love, Christopher Gonzales, for "Night's Melody" paintings. The first painting of this series was made in the year 2011 and you can see it HERE. The second one, with the deer, was made in the beggining of the year 2013, and in the bottom corner it has the same characters as the first "Night's Melody." Here is a close up picture of them:

Painting done with acrylics on canvas (size 29,5 x 39,5 cm).

With love,

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