Thursday, January 8, 2015

DIY project - clay brooches/ magnets/ ornaments

Hi everybody!
Today I will share a little tuttorial with you. I'll show you the way I make my clay brooches, magnets and ornaments with my drawings.

 You will need:
-printer and photo paper
-scissors and knife
-PVA glue and varnish

 Step 1: Print out the picture you want to use. But make sure that you are printing on photo paper! It is water resistant and the inks on the printed picture won't smudge after using glue and varnish.
Thin paper is better. The one I use is 106gsm. 
Step 2: Cut out the picture. 
Step 3: Clay. I use Super Sculpey Living Doll clay, but other brands might work pretty well too.
We need to make a flat piece of clay. For that I've been using pasta making machine :) but there are special machines available and are not very expensive. A rolling pin might work as well, though might be a little more troublesome.
Step 4: When the clay is flat, put the printed picture on it and with a sharp knife cut out the shape you want.
Step 4: Baking. Use instructions on the clay package.
I've been baking my clay things with the printed pictures on them.
Put clay in oven and take it out after baking, making sure that it still lies flat. After baking let the clay cool down.
Step 5: Prepare PVA glue (also known as wood glue, white glue, carpenter's glue) and brush.
Take of the picture (if you baked your clay with it) and put the layer of glue on clay. And then glue the picture on it. Let it dry.
Next put a layer of PVA glue on top of the picture and around the edges. When the PVA glue dries off it will become transparent. After that you can add a couple layers of clay varnish. But let every layer dry completely before you add another one.
Step 6: Glue a pin or magnet strip to the back of the brooch, (but this time use a stronger glue), or add ribbon and enjoy your creation!
I hope my tuttorial was helpful! If you have any questions, let me know.

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